Pension Advice

Security in the future for – Individuals, Company Employee’s & Company Directors

The good news is – we are living longer! So very often, we are living beyond retirement for longer. The not so good news however is that in the future, it’s unlikely that the State pension will be able to fully support a far higher proportion of the population as pensioners.
The answer is good retirement planning for everyone and it’s becoming more important than ever. Few of us can assume that everything will be taken care of by our company pension scheme.

There are many types of pensions available and a pension is the most tax efficient method of saving for retirement.

How often should I be reviewing my pensions and insurance cover?

The ideal is once a year, but at least every two to three years is recommended. You should also review your needs in the event of any major changes in your life, whether fininancial or personal, e.g. on the purchase of a house, moving job, marriage etc.